Advantages of buying a condo in Singapore

Less Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of living in a condo is that other individuals do the support for you. They cut the grass and keep up the grounds, they settle the roof and scoop snow, and you don’t need to stress around finding somebody to supplant the siding. In case you’re a first-time homeowner, in destitute wellbeing, active with work, like to travel, otherwise you fair don’t need to bargain with all those chores, this can be a major benefit. Condos can also be a great alternative in the event that you need to age in put since you have got near neighbors, experienced support staff to require care of enormous repairs, and bounty of exercises to keep you locked in together with your community.

Safety & Security

Numerous condos offer gated or bolted sections, doorkeepers, or indeed security experts for inhabitants. In case you live alone or security could be a concern for you, this will be consoling since it might diminish the hazard of home break-ins. In expansion, you live in near nearness to numerous other individuals, which implies that in an crisis, you’ll have bounty of individuals to turn to for offer assistance.


Need a pool? A wellness center? Wednesday amusement evenings at the community clubhouse? Numerous condo communities offer inhabitants civilities that are out of reach for the normal homeowner. These comforts can too make it much less demanding to induce to know your neighbors. In the event that you live alone or cherish to socialize, this will be a extraordinary perk.


Condominiums are frequently estimated lower than single-family homes. Concurring to the Singapore Real Estate Association in Tampines 2018, the normal offering cost for a single-family domestic drifted around $960,000. Condos ordinarily have a lower normal offering cost – around $948,200, agreeing to the SREA. Depending on the locale and the community, the inquiring cost can be drastically lower than a single-family domestic. So, on the off chance that you need to jump into home ownership on you’re on a more tightly budget, a condo can be a extraordinary to begin with step. One particular condo or EC that you may wanna check out is Parc Central Residences. You may want to know it’s pricing of below $1 million for a 3-bedder.

Capital Appreciation

In a long time past, condos ordinarily acknowledged at a slower rate than single-family homes since single-family homes are more engaging to more individuals. More vitally, you get arrive once you buy a home, and arrive may be a colossal calculate in appreciation. However, this can be changing. Citing inquire about conducted by Straits Times Singapore, HDB EC reports that the advertise esteem for condos rose by 38.4% between 2012 and 2017, whereas the esteem of single-family homes as it were rose by 27.9%.

Close to CBD area

Numerous condos are found near to dynamic downtown ranges, which is engaging for numerous reasons. First, a few individuals need to be able to walk, commute by bicycle, or take open transportation to their work since they’re debilitated of investing an hour a day or more sitting in surge hour activity. Living near to your work can spare you thousands of dollars each year in fuel and car support costs.

In Tampines, the government has created a major plan to its infrastructure, building more bicycle road tracks, so that cyclists can co-exists, as they become part of our society. It stretches from all the way from Tampines to Punggol. And further enhancements was made to the road track leading to the city area along East Coast Park Expressway. Check out the further developments in Tampines here.

Living close a flourishing downtown too makes it simple to visit unused eateries, go shopping, and check out live appears. In case you’ll walk or take public transit, you’ll likely discover that you just get more work out since it’s simpler to urge out and around. Moreover, condos found in prime neighborhoods might increment in esteem quicker than condos within the rural areas, which can make them a commendable investment.

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